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Green Tourism International was founded in 2011 as a specialized company in  Ecotourism, finance and architecture in charge of more than 10 international projects. 


Our corporate area has extensive experience in Canada, vital to the development of the investment promoter. Among them: finance, immigration, accounting, taxes, international transactions, dealing with banks, company creation, foreign trade, and real estate buying and selling.


Invest in Ecotourism, 

invest in Canada.

Ecotourism, enjoy nature 

You just have to marvel at one of the unparalleled natural landscapes that Canada offers to convince you to invest and live Canadian ecotourism.

We have an in-house experienced design department to offer a set of unique activities and amenities in our eco-parks that we finance.


Innovative outdoor activities such as: virtual 4D hunting in the forest, family activities, ice fishing, kayaking, extreme tours, campfires, etc.

Supportive Government

Canada is becoming one of the most attractive tourist and natural destinations because of the strategy the government is driving. 

The Canadian tourism ministry revealed its strategy pointing to three main areas towards competition to be leaders in the international destination by 2025.

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the Canadian Prime Minister has shown himself with proactive leadership supporting the economy and providing specific incentives for tourism.

Vacation Club

When you purchase any of the four financial products from the MEX-CAN investment promoter, you become a member of a vacation club in an ecological paradise.

It is called "Part-Time" for a set time and offers luxury cabin accommodation with all the amenities, offering an unforgettable natural experience. 

We have a vacation committee in charge of reservations, concierge, transportation, car rental, guests, and tours.

We are technology based


As technology evolves at an accelerated rate. We understand the importance of being a technology-based company within the fintech sector. 

Automated processes support a large part of our internal and external processes.

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Annual Return

Long Term Portfolio


After two years it calculates a 15% average annual return based on projections and a 10-year return period. 

*For more info consult our Long Term Portfolio



Our lifetime products will allow you to take advantage of the financial benefits of investing with us such as:


- Investment Certificates

- Lifetime Share Titles. 


Smart Investments

Our investment products are based on high monetary value currencies and the lowest inflation rates in the world.


Amazing Views in Kawartha Lakes

You just have to marvel at one of the unparalleled natural landscapes that Kawartha Lakes offer, to fall in love with Canada. 


With more than 400 hectares of forest Located in a wooded area in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario and access to a private lake, the ranch hosts a variety of protected canadian wildlife.


It will have a huge clubhouse, sports courts equipped for four-season activities, gardens, landscapes, spring waters, trails, equestrian facilities, stables and all the infrastructure to host the best customized experiences.


Jorge Maldonado

I was impressed with the visit to the headquarters, I can tell the fund is pretty big


Mauricio Canseco

The team is very professional, I learn about finance and foreign investment


Gerardo Dávila

The process was very clear and modern, we felt secure and confident at every step of the investment


Interested in talking with us?

You are a click away from the opportunity to secure your investment and have a lifetime experience. 

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