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René Garza


Lawyer degree, Master in tax law.

Master in International tourism (Spain), Master in financial touristic projects. Leads the board, represent the company.

Manager partner at law firm for 7 years.

Raúl Dávila


Lawyer degree, Master in tax law, Leads the financial advisers team and the investment comittee.

Business partner at law firm for 7 years.

Joseph Miller

Share Holder

Comercial and Industrial Design.

Host, Public Relations, Canadian and Ontario Affairs, Raise Capital.

CEO and President of Technology, mining and communication Canadian companies.

Gilberto Garza

Financial Adviser

Business administration degree.

Leads the investment process with the clients, elaborate reports for the investors.

30 years in financial institutions.

Bruno Howald

Tourism Institute Manager

Hotels and restaurants administration degree, MBA (swiss).

Creates touristic concepts, organize benchmark and price studies in the touristic sector.

Leader ok 10 touristic international projects.

Adrian Howald

Tourism Institute Director

Administration degree (swiss). Leads the tourism institute, approve sales and expenses projections.

20 years advising touristic companies.

Federico D´Kuba

Financial Consultant

Finance degree, MBA (IPADE), MBA (London). Leads the financial consultants team, elaborate infrastructure projections, financial runs, calculate internal rate of return and payback period.

Seven years as a financial adviser of international companies.

Rubén Bueno

Project Development Manager

Planner and design engineer.

Planner and developer of the project, elaborate architectural drawings and models.

International developer of comercial and residential projects.

Jorge Rodríguez

Architecture Firm Director

Architect degree. Leads the construction personel.

International builder of comercial and residential projects.

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